Age of the Dragons

No comment … defapt sa lasam doar comment-urile sa spuna despre film:

1. This movie is so crappy that I fell asleep watching it and never finished watching it!

2. ok theres one hot chick in this whole terrible assfuck of a movie you think your gonna see some tits but no she turns around not even side boob so id give the movie a 2 if i had seen something but i give it a 0 (zero)

3. the worst part about this movie is that a tree died so someone had paper to write the script. and thats just sad.

4. Horrible horrible movie! The graphics remind me of a pre Jurassic Park CG. The worse part of the movie is the acting! OMG! If you like the SyFy Channel type of movie, by all means watch this, you will like it then! >.<

If you want to know what this movie is all about, watch the first 10 and last 5 minutes of the movie, thats about all is worth watching, the rest of the movie struggled to even hold the storyline!

5. Even my mom found it boring, and she watches the Sci Fi channel =.=”

6. pointless movie, too many dialogs and useless crap, bad acting

7. Save the world, save bandwidth.

8. I have always hated Danny Glower, and there is no way I’m watching this movie, but I really enjoyed my self reading all the loathing comments. Thanks guys! 😀

9. ZOMG! its the nigga from lethal weapon!

10. So, no boobies?


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